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The San Francisco Family Support Network is committed to supporting those who work with families to do so most effectively by promoting best and promising practices and providing quality training and technical assistance opportunities.

"It was an excellent opportunity to network with other agencies." -Training Participant

Core Family Support Trainings

Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support Certification
This full-day training on the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support details how the 9 Principles of Family Support and the Family Strenghthening approach, with its evidence-informed 5 Protective Factors, prepares participants to implement best practices for supporting families, through the successful application of these Standards. This training is recommended for all staff in Family Support programs, whether you are setting up a new program or seeking to strengthen an existing one.  Participants who complete the full session will receive a certification from the California Network of Family Strengthening Networks valid for two years.

Family Support 101
This half-day training introduces participants to the history, principles, and practices of Family Support. It includes a tour of a Family Resource Center, opportunities to talk with staff and parents, information about the Family Support field in San Francisco, and discussion about how Family Support can be incorporated into your program.

Where Are the Parents?
How can programs that work primarily with children and youth such as schools, afterschool programs, and youth development programs engage parents in meaningful ways? This workshop explores challenges and opportunities in working effectively with parents. Tips and resources are provided to support programs to value parents, invite their contributions, and create mutually beneficial partnerships with them.

Workshop Series

Case Management Passbook Program
A series of trainings covering the fundamental principles, practices, and issues for case management excellence including high risk situations, domestic/sexual violence, child abuse, disabilities, home visitation, mental health, and staff self-care.

Navigating the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)
A series of trainings about SFUSD–related topics designed to support staff working with families in navigating the school system including Enrolling in the SFUSD, Accessing Programs for Children with Special Needs and Preparing Parents to be School Ready.

Family Economic Success Workshops
This series of workshops support staff working with families to promote Family Economic Success by connecting families to a range of economic benefits and resources including Childcare, Food Stamps, Tax Credits, Individual Development Accounts, Housing assistance, and Health benefits.

Family Economic Success Site Certification Program 
This program is for sites seeking to be certified as San Francisco Family Economic Success Providers.  Please see the files below for more details. 

Standards Implementation Trainings

The following workshops build upon topics covered more broadly in the Certification Training for the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support:

Developing and Sustaining an Effective Parent Advisory Committee 
Parent Advisory Committees support parent leadership development and strengthen programs. This training provides a model and  all the tools you need to set up and maintain an effective Parent Advisory Committee.

Conducting Outreach to Isolated Families 
Many programs express concern that they are not reaching at-risk families who would not typically come to a Family Support program for various reasons. What are some creative and successful proven methods of connecting with and serving these families?

Developing and Conducting an Effective Support Group
Support groups provide a safe space for families to share issues, challenges and resources with one another.  This training will give participants strategies and tools to set up and sustain an effective support group.

Developing Services and Supports for Parents of Teenagers
How can family support organizations assess the needs of parents and caregivers of children ages 13 to 17, and design programs to address those needs?  In this training, participants will get ideas, strategies, and tools for doing so.

Discover the "Value" in Evaluation
Conducting a program evaluation that is meaningful for staff and stakeholders can be challenging.  In this training, participants will learn strategies, tips and tools for developing effective evaluations, and how to use data to enhance their programs.

Engaging Families in Program Development 
One of the hallmarks of the Family Support approach is that services are designed in response to family needs, instead of planned soley by staff who think they know what is best for families. How can programs engage parents in this process? How can mutual reasonable expectations for this process be managed? How can programs be flexible and open to critical feedback and input?

Don't Forget Dad: Supporting and Sustaining Fatherhood Engagement in Your Programs 
The majority of participants in Family Support programs are women, yet fathers have a critical role to play in their children’s healthy development. What are tools, techniques and strategies for engaging and sustaining male participation?

Understanding Ourselves to Work with Diverse Communities
With the multiple layers of diversity in San Francisco, cultural sensitivity is essential for serving families effectively, and for working together with staff from different backgrounds. How can staff members function as a strong multicultural team working with diverse populations?

Navigating Kinship Care
In families where grandparents and other extended relatives are the primary caregivers of children, what challenges do they face and how can we best support them?  This training will also touch upon the benefits of kindship care for children and their caregivers.

Individual Consultation

SFFSN staff are available as consultants to provide confidential technical assistance to individual agencies/programs for successful adoption and implementation of the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support and the key topics.

Facilitated Program Self-Assessment 

The San Francisco Family Support Network provides confidential, individual consultation to Programs to engage in facilitated reflection on the implementation of the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support.

  • To support Programs to have a meaningful and comprehensive self-assessment process
  • To support Programs to effectively implement the Standards

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