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SFFSN Family Support Standards


The Family Support Standards were created by the San Francisco Family Support Network (SFFSN) to define how the nine principles of Family Support developed by Family Support America are applied programmatically.

The Standards were developed by the Evaluation Committee and reviewed and approved by the membership of the SFFSN in January 2007, which includes Family Support providers, public departments, and private foundations. The Family Support Standards are designed to be used by all of these stakeholders as a tool for planning, providing, and evaluating quality services.

The Standards are organized into four sections:

  • Family Centeredness
  • Diversity
  • Community Building
  • Evaluation

Each Standard includes indicators of both minimum quality and high quality. The Minimum Quality indictors demonstrate the basic application of the Standard. The High Quality indicators build upon the Minimum Quality indicators being met first.

The SFFSN recognizes the Standards as a living document and reviews them on an annual basis for further refinement. Feedback is welcomed though the annual review process.

Applying the Family Support Standards

Whether you are setting up a new program or strengthening an existing one, the Family Support Standards provide a blueprint for implementing best practice. Meeting the Minimum Quality indicators will create a Family Support program with a solid base. Programs are encouraged to strive to meet the High Quality indicators in order to serve families most effectively.

The Standards are designed to be implemented within a reasonable scope of resources of a Family Support program, which may include leveraged resources from other providers. Successful application of the Standards requires commitment and training of all levels of Program responsibility – Executive Directors, Managers, Coordinators, Direct Service Staff, and Families. Each has a key role to play.

The SFFSN is committed to providing technical assistance and training to its members to support their successful implementation of the Standards including:

  • Family Support Standards Certification trainings
  • Workshops on promising and best practices for member-prioritized topics related to the Standards
  • Individual coaching and confidential technical assistance support for Standards application.

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Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support Certification Training

The SFFSN regularly provides a full-day certification training on the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support. Participants who complete the training receive a certificate valid for two years which can be renewed through completion of the SFFSN Family Support Standards Re-Certification Training.
To see a current list (as of July 10, 2015) of those who have been certified, please click on the link below:
Members Certified (by Last Name)

To register for upcoming Standards Certification trainings, click here